Agnieszka Stryluk

Magister Filologii Angielskiej, absolwent Uniwersytetu Śląskiego. Pani Agnieszka prowadzi zajęcia na kursach General English dla dzieci oraz zajęcia indywidualne.


WHY DO YOU TEACH?As funny as it may sound, being a teacher was my childhood dream :)

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? I love working with people. My job gives me the opportunity to be creative, and to develop both professionally and personally. Besides, the holidays are amazing.

WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? Nothing really. If I don't like some aspects of my job, I try to change them.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE KIND OF STUDENT? 3xE. Eager, enthusiastic, engaged in the learning process. I appreciate a sense of humour, it always helps, especially in communication.

WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS OUTSIDE TEACHING?History. Reading. Listening to music. So... reading about history while listening to music is my favourite pastime:)

FAVOURITE MUSIC? Impossible to define, recently Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, St.Germain and Janelle Monae.

FAVOURITE FILM?My Fair Lady - classic!

FAVOURITE SPORT?All of them probably, I am the world champion of watching every possible kind of sport on TV.


FAVOURITE FOOD? Something that I don't have to cook.

ANY FUN FACTS? I'm a Trekkie. I've watched TOS 1005846 times.