Dominik Piotrowski

BA Digital Music, Southampton Solent University, UK. Posiada certyfikat uprawniający do nauczania obcokrajowców uzyskany w TEFL Academy, Dublin. Prowadzi zajęcia na kursach General English dla młodzieży i dorosłych oraz indywidualne zajęcia konwersacyjne.


WHY DO YOU TEACH? I chose to teach because it’s always nice seeing someone progress over a period of time, and for someone that loves to talk, what better thing to teach than language?

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? The thing I enjoy the most in teaching is working around people. I think being able to get a task done and enjoy it at the same time is very important, as it can make a typical work day fun, as opposed to the stereotypical dull get in - get out lifestyle.

WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? Probably irregular working hours, but it isn’t a dislike as much as it’s just difficult to plan spare time around sometimes.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE KIND OF STUDENT? My favourite kind of student is probably an active and motivated person, eager to learn and participate in classroom activities. Someone who brings something to the lesson, an interesting personality makes the job so much more fun.

WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS OUTSIDE TEACHING? I love listening to music (and making it) as well as playing computer games (The Witcher 3 is currently my favourite). Apart from those I really enjoy travelling, which I try to do as much as possible. My goal is to visit every continent, so far I’ve been to 3!

FAVOURITE MUSIC? As a digital music graduate, I enjoy all aspects of music, from electronic production right to the deep corners of Hip-Hop and its culture. Favourite band is probably System of a Down, but I do like to tone it down (see what I did there) with a little bit of Indie from Mac DeMarco or Vampire Weekend. Oh, and you can never forget Radiohead, OK Computer is probably one of my favourite albums of all time. As for Hip-Hop, Kanye West and Danny Brown are my go-to artists.

FAVOURITE FILM? When it comes to film I think out of nostalgia I’m usually drawn towards the oldies like Star Wars or Back to the Future, but for the soundtrack alone Scarface is the one.

FAVOURITE SPORT? Hiking, swimming, badminton


FAVOURITE FOOD? Pizza or spaghetti, I honestly don’t have the heart to choose between the two. Anything of the Italian cuisine I’m a fan of.

ANY FUN FACTS? I used to work at different events around the UK, and through that I had the opportunity to meet a few interesting people, an unexpected encounter with Gene Simmons from Kiss is probably the biggest surprise of all. I also co-hosted a radio show in one of Southampton’s community radio’s, where me and a friend used to talk about some interesting experiences… and sometimes fun facts about cats, because who doesn’t like cats?