Dave Grant

Wow! Golden Gate is 30! Only 4 years younger than me!
I remember arriving in Tarnowskie Gory 10 years ago when GG was still a youngster, how time flies. I arrived on the European mainland from Scotland for the first time at Katowice Airport to be whisked away to TG by the one and only Rafal Drewniak. The same day I was introduced to my first ever language school, the inimitable Golden Gate. I was made to feel welcome, helped with everything I needed, got to teach some amazing students as well as joining the rockingest band in town, the Golden Gators. I learned everything I needed to start my development as an English teacher and so much more that I still use today as a self-employed teacher in Krakow.

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Ben Sixsmith

Just as Golden Gate has been a bridge for countless students from silence to fluency, and childhood to maturity, it was mine to teaching, and TG, and Poland and, really, adulthood. The squeaky-voiced students who came up to my knees are now training to be the next generation of doctors, and lawyers, and dentists, and entrepreneurs, and, well, whatever they want to be.

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Matt Williams

When I first worked at Golden Gate, many kilos ago, the school was starting its fifteenth year. Now it is starting its thirtieth. What a fantastic achievement. It feels good that when the world seems like it’s going crazy we still have this family-run school where we can go to learn and laugh and leave our stresses on the stairs.

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