Ben Sixsmith

Just as Golden Gate has been a bridge for countless students from silence to fluency, and childhood to maturity, it was mine to teaching, and TG, and Poland and, really, adulthood. The squeaky-voiced students who came up to my knees are now training to be the next generation of doctors, and lawyers, and dentists, and entrepreneurs, and, well, whatever they want to be. I'm sure Golden Gate was a big part of their progress – just as it was for their parents and just as I have no doubt it will be for their kids. What do I remember? Too much to mention. Tense games of państwa-miasta. Students scurrying around the summer camp dormitories, like gold prospectors, racing to complete their tasks for their photo/video workshops. The amazing creativity of my drama groups. Playing with the Native Creatures in Galeria Inny Śląsk. A lot of learning, a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles. Thank you to Rafał and Anna for letting me be a small part of the history of the school.