Cara Sockol

Happy 30th anniversary Golden Gate!

GG school rules!

Teaching English at GG was definitely one of the best times of my life - teaching in Poland was exciting, but spending a year with terrific, whacky, fun (and funny) beautiful people was a gift - jak diabli!

I had a wonderful and fun time with all the teachers and students ... and the Canadian. The camps were extra fun and special, especially with the discos and live music... including covers and originals (?) by the teachers:)... some basketball games, bike rides, horseback riding, sleigh rides - even a kickboxing session with Jacek, hanging out at Galeria and Leszniczowka (?) ... Dolly hop the blues, Rawa Blues, Goran Bregovic, New Year’s Eve/ Rafal and Janoosh birthday celebrations...

I love and miss everyone at the Golden Gate school and Tarnowskie Gory! Rafal, Ania, Ola, Jacek and Ewa, Jacek, Dorota, Robin, Asia, Radek, Beata - Marek, Magda, everyone

We need to plan some reunion