Matt Hazzard

I spent a long time in Tarnowskie Gory (for a native). While Pan Williams may be fast approaching my seven years in total, I still hold pride in the fact I'm the longest serving native consecutively. I arrived in Poland on a grey Tuesday in October 2010; within my first 24 hours I had discovered the cost of cigarettes, held a photo shoot featuring blue berets, and been driven to Tesco at midnight for 'supplies'. When I left in the summer of 2017, I left with a broken nose, the ability to play drums, and a broader sense of people and the world. Not bad for a choice I made spontaneously; to move to Poland, because 2010 England sucked.

Now, Golden Gate is my second family. At times, I've been the black sheep. I've always been the weirdo. And through it all, I was always supported when needed (and given a telling off when required).

Also, had a blast the entire time. Be it hanging from a tree because I tried to outsmart gravity at the line park, or stood in 8 inches of snow wearing shorts in the middle of December, as it was impossible for me to drum in trousers (sigh); laughter was had (sometimes at my questionable decisions) and help was given when needed.

Sausage eating contests with campers never ended well. Golden Gator concerts were always fun, up to the point when the time keeping would fall foul of the mistress wodka. Went to a lot of Polish weddings (always a bassist, never a bride...). Played a concert in a prison (thankfully just as a drummer, and nothing more!). Made a lot of friends, drank far too much Tyskie, and am probably genetically a cross between Kielbasa and KFC at this point (I am the Chicken Man). And I wouldn't change a moment (well... maybe one or two).

Golden Gate – 30 years of adventures, growth, learning and, most importantly, fun. And I got to experience 7 of them first hand. Hopefully, I'll be a part of more in the future.

Keep Calm and Fear Hazzard! I mean, Learn English!