Ben Sixsmith

BA Mixed Humanities, Open University, UK. Posiada uprawnienia CELTA (certyfikat uprawniający do nauczania obcokrajowców). Prowadzi zajęcia na kursach General English dla dzieci, młodzieży i dorosłych oraz indywidualne zajęcia konwersacyjne.


WHY DO YOU TEACH? It's one of the most fun and interesting ways to earn.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? Great conversations that also teach English

WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE ABOUT YOUR JOB? Students asking what the time is halfway through lessons.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE KIND OF STUDENT? The curious, the humorous and the dedicated.

WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS OUTSIDE TEACHING? Writing, singing, acting and talking to friends old and new.

FAVOURITE MUSIC? American indie rock and English folk music.

FAVOURITE FILM? In the Mood for Love.

FAVOURITE SPORT? Mixed martial arts and cricket.


FAVOURITE FOOD? Salmon, fries and spinach from Rymera 6.

ANY FUN FACTS? In 1979 President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a giant rabbit.